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You Dont have to be BIG to be Visable

Visibility (branding)

Consumers assume that top placement in the search engines is like a stamp of approval on a business. These users believe that surely the company could not rank highly in the search engines if the company were not one of the best in its field, right?

If you are an experienced search engine user, you probably recognise that the prceeding statement is not true. However, the fact is that many consumers, and even business searchers, sometimes interpret search results as implicit endorsement.

Therefore, for critial brand terms, the SEO should work toward improving the search engine rankins for the website he/she is working on. There is a subtlety here, though. Few businesses willneed help for their company name; that is, if you company name is Acme Widget Co., you will most likely rank #1 for that search term even with little SEO effort. There are a few reasons for this, one of the most importaant being that many of your inbound links will be given to other websites using your company name as the anchor text. However they may not use regional variation or link with terms the user may use, like Acme in Edinburgh, or The Acme Company, or Widgets Edinburgh.

If for example you sell Solar panels, you will want to rank well for the search term solar panels. When users see you ranking highly on that search term, they will assume you are one of the best places to buy solar panels.

SEO for branding is about ranking highly for the generic search terms that relate to the purpose of your website.

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